Before you read through our FAQs, we recommend that you check out this excellent article on Social Dancing Etiquette. It’s a comprehensive look at how to interact with your fellow dancers in a way that ensures a fun time for all.

1) Do I need to bring a partner?
Not at all! We rotate partners during both lessons and social dancing. Also, during the lesson, you are welcome to learn either part. Ladies can learn to lead, and men can learn to follow!

2) What if I have a partner and I don’t want to dance with anyone else?
We won’t force you to take part in the rotation system if you’re not comfortable with it. However, we do encourage everyone to rotate because dancing with a diverse group of partners will develop your skills more rapidly and completely. It’s also been our experience that people who rotate tend to get more enjoyment out of their dancing.

3) What should I wear?
We don’t recommend purchasing clothing or shoes until you have some experience with dance and have a better idea of what you want. In our classes, you won’t need any special clothing, but we do recommend the following:

  1. Wear clothes that are comfortable and are not restrictive to your movement (ie: long and/or tight skirts are not recommended).
  2. Wear shoes with flat soles (high heels are not recommended) that are secure (straps, laces, etc.), so they don’t fly off when you kick.
  3. You also want light shoes without a lot of traction (hiking boots are bad), so you can spin with less strain on your knees. For beginners, comfortable dress shoes (loafters or wing tips) or sneakers without deep tread (Converse) are fine to start.
  4. You are not obligated to dress up. Wear something that won’t make you feel self-conscious.
  5. Be aware of hygiene (deodorant & toothpaste are your friends), and if you sweat a lot, consider bringing an extra shirt and/or towel.
  6. Bring a bottle of water.

4) What type of swing dance do you teach?
There is an East Coast Swing drop-in lesson every week. We also teach Lindy Hop series, for which you must sign up for the month. On months with an odd number of weeks or if we need break between series, we will take a look at line dances (ie: Shim Sham) and/or special topics, like Charleston or Balboa.

5) Where can I learn more swing dancing in Athens?
 If you would like to be exposed to more/other forms of Swing check in with these groups:

6) How much does it cost?
Your first night is always free. If you bring a friend and it is their first night, you both get in free! After that, for any student, it’s $4 for the lesson and the dance. General admission is $6. We also sell monthly admission passes (see below).

7) What’s the monthly pass about?
It’s a way to save you money and to avoid the hassle of remembering cash every Tuesday night. Passes are for sale the first two weeks of each month, so you actually save. Students can buy a month-long pass for a reduced price of $10/month. For general admission, the pass is $15/month. This means you get in free one swing night per month and then some! (Even if you miss one week, you have still saved money!) Once you have paid for a pass your name is placed on a list and you won’t have to worry about cash for the rest of the month.

8) I had a great time at Swing Night! Where else can I swing dance?
Visit our Athens Dances and Area Dances page for information on other dancing opportunities in the Athens area. And be sure to come back next Tuesday for the next Athens Swing Night!