General Info

Athens Swing Night DJs are all local volunteers. On special occasions we may have a guest DJ from out of town and/or a live band. If you wish to be considered for a DJ spot, please contact us ( with a short statement about why you would like to DJ and your DJ philosophy.

Note that each of our regular DJs has their own style and philosophy when it comes to filling the dance floor. We respect that not all dancers will enjoy every DJ, but hope that you will be open to experimenting with a variety of music. Our goal is to create an environment where there is something for everyone to have fun dancing to.


George Cone - the man, the beard, the legend. George has been dancing for the better part of a decade. It all started when he lost a bet in college, and the rest is history (if you ask after a few drinks, he might just tell you more). Since his first exposure to the genre, he was hooked. A musician since the time he could walk, he endeavors to share his passion through his DJing, dancing, and playing. George’s goal is to allow dancers to fully express themselves, their individuality, and their take on the song via musicality and creativity. As the saying goes, “Tain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.”  


Melissa Gogo - Dancing for 8 years, Gogo’s love of Lindy runs deep; though she didn’t know exactly how deep until discovering more recently that her Grandma was a Lindy Hopper too! (#inthegenes) Her playlists are known for a happy, carefree sound with a mix of historic and contemporary swing bands comprising the majority of sets. Gogo’s goals are having fun while allowing for dancer expression and play. It has been noticed that if she is hungry there may be an uncanny (though typically unintentional) number of songs about food. Please DO feed your resident DJs! ;)  


Geoff Newell - Geoff was introduced to the Swing Dance world at the beginning his time in college, and since then he’s been pushing his limits wherever he can. He loves to dance, listen to the many different styles of swing music, and tries to reflect all of those influences in the sets he builds. If he’s DJing, you’ll probably hear a lot of current era swing jazz from some of the hottest bands around the country, as well as a healthy mix of Swing Era jazz and some modern music as well. He also throws in Blues, Balboa, and some West Coast, depending on the night and dancers present. As his collection of music grows, he hopes to always be able to keep the dance floor hopping, and hopes you enjoy what you hear. 

Bryan Soto - Bryan loves Jazz music. Bryan loves Swing Dancing. So he mostly plays stuff he loves dancing to. Requests? He’s always open to listen to new music.